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Alderson Town Council Gets Spring, Lee Street Project Updates



Two street repair projects, the appointment of David Hambrick to the police review board, and the B&O tax amendment process were each considered by the Alderson Town Council on Thursday, December 9.

First, Mayor Travis Copenhaver updated the council on American Rescue Plan Act {ARPA) funds being used on a street project.

“Council gave me authorization to proceed with the ARPA project for Spring Street and Lee Street and give reports back to council,” said Copenhaver. “[For] the Spring Street project, paving is obviously not complete and there’s also another culvert that will have two folders to go in. But as of today, the Spring Street project is $30,142.17 for equipment, supplies and labor is $5,903. … We found that we could not replace the pumps that were installed as part of [the sewer] project, so we’ve gone around and around tried to recap the money as best we can.”

Copenhaver noted that the town is not expected to incur costs outside of typical employee salary pay for the projects.

“What we’ve spent, $30,142.17, has been processed by Region IV, and we’re expecting to see that back,” Copenhaver said. “The Infrastructure Development Council will not pay for salaries. [They were the normal salaries] we would have paid employees anyway, but we were not able to recapture the hours spent on that project. … Based on the count of Spring Street, the cost of the Lee Street project would be roughly $35,000. There again, we will recapture up to $53,000, from The Infrastructure Development Council for supplies, equipment, anything else but not hours.”

In other business:

– David Hambrick was approved to sit on a review board for the Alderson Police Department. According to Chief of Police Rusty Byer Jr. in May, the board is formed from a representative from the Fraternal Order of Police, a representative of the business community, and another representative, each considered by Town Council. Hambrick recently spoke in favor of Copenhaver during the September council meeting considering the mayor’s felony charges.

– The second reading of a town code amendment, adjusting the town’s business and occupation tax effectively to zero for most businesses, was approved. The change will go into effect in July 2022.

– Town Council passed a resolution looking to formally disregard the felony charges against Copenhaver until he is convicted in a court of law in a four to one vote, with Councilmember Charlie Lobban voting against. For more on this, see The West Virginia Daily News’ previous reporting, titled “Alderson Council Rejects Mayoral Removal Request, Copenhaver Plans For Public Comment Limits On Matter.”

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