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Three Lewisburg Officers Promoted



Three officers with the Lewisburg Police Department were promoted to corporal on Tuesday, November 17.

The Lewisburg City Council considered the promotions before taking other action, with Councilmember Arron Seams introducing the decision.

“Last Tuesday, we discussed the promotion of patrolmen to the office of Corporal,” explained Councilmember Arron Seams. “It was the recommendation of the Finance Committee to promotion Patrolman Gideon Tate, Patrolman Jordan Clendenin, and Patrolman Joshua Doss to the rank of corporal. … It is my honor to recommend that we follow the Finance Committee’s recommendations and approve those promotions.”

The council approved the promotions with a unanimous vote.

Lewisburg Chief of Police Chris Teubert celebrated the decision.

“All of these officers have three years with the Lewisburg Police Department. Each one of them has had some additional training in crime scenes – they take care of our crime scenes,” said Teubert. “Officer Tate and Clendenin both came with experience from other departments. We’re glad to have them and glad to promote them to corporal.”

Chief of Police Chris Teubert, Corporal Gideon Tate, Mayor Beverly White, Corporal Jordan Clendenin, and Corporal Joshua Doss after council approved the promotions.

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