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Zachary Lee Perrine and Kenley Paige Boone;

Nicholas Matthews Keifner and Andi Mae Harvey;

Brad Anthony Miller and Kristin Lee Holley;

Joseph Hunter Jones and Erica Megan McCoy;

Johnny Belfer Hundley and Teresa Ann Ray;

Nathan Alan Dowdy and Velvet Raine Bullock;

Leonard Clayton Carter, Jr. and Elizabeth Bee Mace;

Andrew Wade Wiseman and Mary Kathryn Rife;

Jeffrey Allen Moore, Jr. and Havyn Nichole Taylor;

Anthony H. Johnson and Nicole Johnston Bynum.


Russel Dean Lemons;

Ray Angel Starrett;

Mary Carol Elmore;

Harry Edward Honaker;

Guy Edward Byer;

Edgar Ray Spinks;

Dreama Joyce Trescott;

Justin Wayne Howell;

Virgie Roberts;

Sally Ann Tripplett;

Velda McClung;

Brenda Boyce;

Rebecca Rae Rexroad;

Ivan Roscoe Ester, Sr.;

Robert Garland Shirey;

Clarence Lee Ritchie;

Arnold Ray Boggess;

Sarah Elizabeth Frame.


Edmund F. Byer, Jr, Administrator of the Barbara Carnell Byer estate;

Shannon Rowe, Administrator of the Lula Marie Rowe estate;

David Elper, Administrator of the Rebecca Rosalie Eli estate.

Land Transfers:

Elemental Resources LLC to David Lynwood Coe, 0.88 acres, Meadow Bluff District, Map 47G, Parcel 10;

Janie Mae Kessler to Janie Mae Kessler, Revocation of Transfer of Death Deed, lots 113 & 114 – Rolling Hills Estates, Lewisburg District, map 9, parcel 55;

Karen Lynn Ketterman to Karen Lynn Ketterman and Warren J. Ketterman, 10 acres more or less but excepting 3 acres with further excepted, Anthony Creek District, map 54, parcel 0010;

Sadie Ann Prichard to Frankie H. Walkup, lot no. 29 in the Harper Heights Addition, White Sulphur District, map 11, parcel 0126;

Shevella Peyton to Dainard E. Peyton, 1.02 acres more or less, Meadow Bluff District, map 40, parcel 0037;

Philip C. Cutlip to William Tyler Cutlip and Rachel Leann Cutlip, 27.3948 acres more or less excepted and reserved, Frankford District, map 4, parcel 11;

Paul B. Ciciora to Susan M. Bastian, lot 54 – Crownfields Subdivision, Lewisburg District, map 16, parcel 66;

Boulder Bluff and Greenbrier Valley Land Company LLC to Donna M. Roberts Doss and Freddie J. Doss Sr. and Joyce L. Doss, 1.70 acres more or less, Irish Corner District, Map 11, Parcel 93;

Timberland Inc. Virginia Augusta Hefner by sole Heirs at Law, 0.55 acres more or less, Lewisburg District, Map 9, Parcel 82;

Larry V. Barnett and Everett Leon Barnett to Starlight Properties LLC, 4,039 acres more or less, Rainelle District, Map 8, Parcel 16;

Lawrence J. Griffith and Doris D. Griffith to Robert M. Sofil, 0.70 acres more or less, Blue Sulphur District, Map 37, Parcel part of 12;

Lynch Brothers Partnership to Trey James Walton, lot 23 or 0.06 acres, White Sulphur District, Map 6, Parcel 00350023;

Drema J. Dorsey FKA Drema J. Hellems to Jeffrey J. Hellems and Sandra K. Alderman, consolidated 3 tracts, Rupert District, Map 5, Parcel 0034, Parcel 0038;

John H. Perry estate by Devisee to Randolph M. Baker and Brian K. Baker, lot no. 9 and the western one-half of lot no. 11, Ronceverte District, Map 9, Parcel 636;

Sonja L. Brodine to Barbara Jones, lots 21 and 22 in the Subdivision of Deegansville, Meadow Bluff District, Map 55C, Parcel 34;

Sonja L. Brodine to Loretta Peterman, 4 properties, Meadow Bluff District, Map 55C, Parcel 19;

Kenneth E. Callahan to Franklin Oscar Harvey Ormsbee, 12.53 acres less right-of-way, Williamsburg District, Map 59, Parcel 00090001;

Louise C. Doggett to Cornwell Factory Tire Outlet & Used Cars, 2 Properties, Ronceverte District, Map 9, Parcel 689;

Cody A. Clendenin and Courtney J. Clendenin to John Allen Burns, 0.751 acres more or less, White Sulphur District, Map 22, Parcel 0134;

Jean P. Farren to Melinda C. Adkins and Tony A. Adkins, lots 149 & 150 & 0.22 acres more or less, Rainelle District, Map 4, Parcel 111, 114;

C West Properties LLC to Harry D. Conkey III and A. Brooke Conkey, waiver of repurchase option, White Sulphur District;

C West Properties LLC to Harry D. Conkey III and A. Brooke Conkey, lot 2 Copeland Hill, White Sulphur District, Map 27A, Parcel 2;

207 Chestnut LLC to Greenbrier Valley Restoration Project Inc., 0.533 acres, Lewisburg District, Map 20, Parcel 138;

Travis Walker and Heather Walker to Jeremy Lee Burns, 1.72 acres more or less, Blue Sulphur District, Map 20, Parcel 24.4;

Georgia C. Hayes to Wendell German and Meredith German, Washington Street lot B, Lewisburg District, Map 19, Parcel 0022;

James Kenna Lewis and Sharon L. Lewis Thomas and Larry L. Lewis to Naked Bear Farms LLC, 80.81 acres more or less, Falling Spring District, Map 45, Parcel 46;

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