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James Ryan Booth and Tayler Rae Dowdy;

Colin James Lovelace and Santana Nicole Davis;

Elia James Peterson and Lacey Dana White;

David Alfred Lappano and Brittany Jo Miller;

Nathaniel Edward Camalier Wood and Cameron Paige Rich;

Joshua Paul Bostic and Sarah Dawn Blankenship;

Dustin Robert Bragg and Ashley Marie Westhoven;

Cameron Ray Hunter-Cannon and Grace Erin Sealey;

Marcus Leroy Monroe and Jessica Leigh Fritz.


Clinton Steve Goins;

William Allen Dean;

Delores Ellen Kenney;

Arthur Raymond Ellard;

Betty Easterling;

Bruce Wallace Wigglesworth;

Penny Lynn Legg.

Land Transfers:

Clifton P. Neal and Vicky L. Neal to Jason A. Davis and Jessica G. Davis, 8.854 acres, Meadow Bluff District, Map 64, Parcel 34.4;

Mark Hudnall to Mark J. Linkous, 23 acres, White Sulphur District, Map 16, Parcel 12;

James D. Vandyke and Patricia A. Vandyke and David Coffman to David Coffman, three tracts, Irish Corner District, Map 16, Parcel 40;

Todd Elba Gillenwater and Gabrielle Overfield Gillenwater to Todd Elba Gillenwater and Gabrielle Overfield Gillenwater, 0.928 acres more or less, Lewisburg District, Map 24, Parcel 358;

Paul H. Brooks to Sarah Marie Carrington, 2 parcels, Blue Sulphur District, Map 24, Parcel 70;

Elizabeth H. Bower and James F. Bower to David M. Scala, 47.564 acres more or less, Meadow Bluff District, Map 63, Parcel 59.1, 59.2;

Timothy C. Cooke to Stephen B. Cooke and Sheila E. Cooke, unit number 152 Blackbird Village, Lewisburg District, Map 21A, Parcel 55;

Susan M. Bastian to Andrew J. Ickes and Brandi C. Ickes, lot 52 Crownfields Subdivision, Lewisburg District, Map 16, Parcel 66;

Stella Mae Lewis to Stevie Douglas Lewis, three tracts, Falling Spring District, Map 66, Parcel 7, 8, 9;

Stella Mae Lewis to Patricia Lynn Lewis Roberts, multiple parcels, Falling Spring District, Map 60, Parcel 6, 48, 49, 64;

Benjamin L. Plybon Sr. by Attorney In Fact to Benjamin L. Plybon Jr., 76 acres and 89 poles, Fort Spring District, Map 13, Parcel 42;

Howard James Rowe III and Patricia J. Howe to Denise Thomas, 22,500 square feet morte or less, Fort Spring District, Map 21, Parcel 3;

Jose Melendez and Sherry Nazario to Juan Nazario, half of 44 and 45 lots Hamilton Place, White Sulphur District, Map 23A, Parcel 57;

Dorothy Lee Shinaberry to Macey Burns, 2 parcels, White Sulphur District, Map 6, Parcel 6, Parcel 7;

Edwin L. Childers and Elizabeth Childers to Krista Brumfield Wint, 3 properties, Quinwood District, Map 4, Parcel 76;

Gretchen Feamster AKA Gretchen Louise Bowyer Feamster to David B. Wigglesworth and Pamela Louise Wigglesworth, multiple properties, Blue Sulphur District, Map 17, Parcel 18;

Brandon R. Godby and Ashley R. Dean and Gary S. Dean and Ann P. Dean to James R. Honaker, 7.43 acres, Blue Sulphur District, Map 16, Parcel 25, 45, 46, 47;

John Deaton and Diana Deaton to Robert D. Thomason and Susanne Thomason, 2 parcels, Meadow Bluff District, Map 62, Parcel 0010008;

Charles Burr Living Trust to James Carl Burr IV Trustee;

Louis D. Chabut and Myra M. Chabut to Legacy Cast LLC, waiver of repurchase option, lot/unit 1 of fairway Cottages Neighborhood of the planned community known as the Greenbrier Sporting Club, White Sulphur District;

Lavonia Austin to Heavyweight Music LLC, part of lots 58 & 64, Ronceverte District, Map 10, Parcel 250;

Joyce M. Morgan to Cynthia Marie Morgan Lucas and Johna Lynn Starcher and Katrina Sue Morgan Wykle, 2 parcels, Irish Corner District, Map 11A, Map 5, Map 4, Parcel 19, Parcel 14, Parcel 12;

Cathy E. Brown to Cathy E. Brown and Ronnie Baldwin, lot 53, Ronceverte District, Map 15, Parcel 20.

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