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Greenbrier County Courthouse News




Jeremiah Jason Alderman and Kayla Nicole McMillion;

Michael Everette Crews and Dana Leora Nash;

Jesse James Copen and Emily Kristine Eltzroth;

James A. Miller and Rosemary Walter;

Joshua Marcellus Carter and Pauline Rachel Garcia-Lopez.


Shevella A. Peyton, Administrator of the Hansford George Copen estate;

John H. Dodd Jr., Executor of the Michael John Dodd estate;

Marion M. Gordon, Executor of the Neva Josephine Gordon estate;

Thomas F. Rothwell, Co-Administrator of the Ellen Burwell Rothwell estate;

Curtis E. Reed, Executor of the Myrtle Bell Reed estate;

Michael Ray Whited, Co-Executor of the Rebecca Bowling Whited estate;

Land Transfers

John D. Labelle and Penni Labelle to Richard H. Puckett and Mary L. Puckett, Lot 120 – The Ridges – Greenbrier Sporting Club, White Sulphur District, Map 26, Parcel 129;

City of Lewisburg to Edward N. Gibson and Barbara J. Gibson, 0.220 acres more or less, Lewisburg District, Map 27, Parcel 25.1;

Phyllis A. Miller to Ronald F. Miller and Cynthia L. Miller, Tract 3 – 0.732 acres, Frankford District, Map 10R, Parcel 1;

William M. Ayers to Christianna Maria Boothe, Lots 28 – 32 & P/O Lot 33, Ronceverte District, Map 4, Parcel 16;

Carlos Lazo to Michaela E. Lazo, 4.59 acres more or less, Blue Sulphur District, Map 14, Parcel 43;

William R. Stroud to Donna > Daniels and Ashley E. Rudd to Jason M. Rudd and Ashley E. Rudd, 2 Tracts, Meadow Bluff District, Map 060L, Parcel 0011;

Greenbrier Valley Historical Society Inc. Erroneously Greenbrier County Historical Society Inc. to Greenbrier Valley Restoration Project Inc., 3,034 square feet more or less, Lewisburg District, Map 20, Parcel 108;

Linda A. Whitlow to Linda A. Whitlow, four properties, Meadow Bluff District, Map 47C, Parcel 65, 67, Map 47G, Parcel 7.1;

Linda A. Whitlow to Michael Boccio, Meadow Bluff District, Map 47C, Parcel 65, 67, Map 47G, Parcel 7.1;

Charles Curtis McKinney Family Partnership to Charles C. McKinney Minerals, LLC., Anthony Creek District, Falling Spring District, White Sulphur District.

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